Friday, June 18, 2010

ohh holiday

this hols hv been making me 2 go through a difficlt tyme..

1-i'v been fighting with this "john doe"

2-arguing wif my freinds

3-meaningless hols i'v ever had

4-economic crisis

oke lets talk bout this "john doe"
he is nobody n trying 2 be sumbody
the only word that can desribe this nobody is AGAS
i juz cant handle myself when facing this spesis
the disaster comes when he take a chip shot while i was going 2 shop
*bloody hell u!!

the next unfortunate moments is when i argue with my besties just bout sum stupid PS2 controller
juz wanna frget bout this stupidity ASAP

i juz cant belive it!!
this is the first tyme eva i'v 2 spend 14 booring days
the unbalivable site is when knowing that these days is school holidays
school holidays are meant 2 be meaningfull bcoz THERE IS NO SCHOOL
why should i get so boored???
*i gave it 2 u 2 find out

after having so much problems at these holidays
i'v found a solution 2 get through these diseasefull moment
i need 2 get out from these PLACE 2 find some peace
another problem occur
a simple disaster
i'v no money n 4get 2 ask some money from my dad
now my parents are nowhere near me
my mom and dad hv 2 go working at farrrfarrr away places

*p/s : eventhough i hv 2 face these problems.. but im still greatful for all those people that hv been bside me..

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