Friday, June 18, 2010

ohh holiday

this hols hv been making me 2 go through a difficlt tyme..

1-i'v been fighting with this "john doe"

2-arguing wif my freinds

3-meaningless hols i'v ever had

4-economic crisis

oke lets talk bout this "john doe"
he is nobody n trying 2 be sumbody
the only word that can desribe this nobody is AGAS
i juz cant handle myself when facing this spesis
the disaster comes when he take a chip shot while i was going 2 shop
*bloody hell u!!

the next unfortunate moments is when i argue with my besties just bout sum stupid PS2 controller
juz wanna frget bout this stupidity ASAP

i juz cant belive it!!
this is the first tyme eva i'v 2 spend 14 booring days
the unbalivable site is when knowing that these days is school holidays
school holidays are meant 2 be meaningfull bcoz THERE IS NO SCHOOL
why should i get so boored???
*i gave it 2 u 2 find out

after having so much problems at these holidays
i'v found a solution 2 get through these diseasefull moment
i need 2 get out from these PLACE 2 find some peace
another problem occur
a simple disaster
i'v no money n 4get 2 ask some money from my dad
now my parents are nowhere near me
my mom and dad hv 2 go working at farrrfarrr away places

*p/s : eventhough i hv 2 face these problems.. but im still greatful for all those people that hv been bside me..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little help to the HELPLESS

Sum people juz wouldn't get it when u tell them a twisted cranky joke
So,to make the "slow one" days full with laughter,i sacrifise sum of my tyme on browsing stupid sign
Hoping that these sign will show u what humors really are

 I dont really know what kind of stupidity is the road painter trying 2 show..
But,my 4 year old sister knows how 2 spell "car" and "park" really well

carping is when u goes fishing a carp
why should anyshit goes fishing carp there??

this piece of bullshit is funny
the despertation of forbidding smokers not to litter comes with a hillarious care for pests
*its really hypocrite u know HAHA

but neither of them knows how to write

come on guys!!
we are in the state-of-the art
people nowadays can get along with bitches nicely HAHAHA

*p/s : the speaking style really reminds me of watching jackie chan's cartoon

errghhh!! damn flash player

i tought of adding a song in my page
but there are some slight problems involving the player
stupidoo playaaaar!!!
so,,the songs will sure be there in the next "updating day".. HAHA 
more updates shall comes after this

p/s : i hv a carom match going on n i dont hv much tyme on updating my blog at this moment.. sorry,,im rushing 2 bcome the champion..


dont take it wrong..
u must hv think that this is a public-recycle-campaign blog
noo.. its not.. HAHA
i'v deleted all of my followers n my past posts..
that is why the stupid bin was there..
why i deleted my posts?? why should i tell u.. HAHA
actly,i'v just come wif an ideologistic idea. "a new life shall comes wif new a blog"..
so that just what had happen..
s0rry (my besties from mk) fer n0t inf0rming any 0f u b0ut my bloggy thinggy after all this long tyme (i'v started my blog since march 2009).. wakakaka

bout my past.. i want u all 2 hv a look at this descriptive pic 
if any of u really intend 2 know bout my past which make me del my old posts..
please make ur brain useful 2 describe this pic..
get it??? no?? HAHA i should know earlier..
i hv thrown away my 2009 life in a grave-bin near a rambutan tree (in this pic) HAHA
so,quit asking (why,how,who etc.) bout this "2009 story" coz that r the only Q which i wouldn't give any damn answer.

p/s : shall my new blog comes with a better life onwards -amen-