Thursday, June 17, 2010


dont take it wrong..
u must hv think that this is a public-recycle-campaign blog
noo.. its not.. HAHA
i'v deleted all of my followers n my past posts..
that is why the stupid bin was there..
why i deleted my posts?? why should i tell u.. HAHA
actly,i'v just come wif an ideologistic idea. "a new life shall comes wif new a blog"..
so that just what had happen..
s0rry (my besties from mk) fer n0t inf0rming any 0f u b0ut my bloggy thinggy after all this long tyme (i'v started my blog since march 2009).. wakakaka

bout my past.. i want u all 2 hv a look at this descriptive pic 
if any of u really intend 2 know bout my past which make me del my old posts..
please make ur brain useful 2 describe this pic..
get it??? no?? HAHA i should know earlier..
i hv thrown away my 2009 life in a grave-bin near a rambutan tree (in this pic) HAHA
so,quit asking (why,how,who etc.) bout this "2009 story" coz that r the only Q which i wouldn't give any damn answer.

p/s : shall my new blog comes with a better life onwards -amen-

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